Gyps is a company in rapid and constant evolution, always in step with the times that manages to anticipate the market with high-tech machines that allow us to create new products even with new materials.

In Gyps, people make the difference. A team of collaborators who in over thirty years of work has developed different skills and sensitivities, always working together with the sole objective of developing research to find new solutions, always innovative for the market.
From the idea of some applicators specialized in interior renovation with dry construction systems, was born in 1990 Walls and ceilings with the first sales point of the Province of Rimini, specializing in plasterboard products and systems.
By expanding into the Italian and foreign market and trying to meet every need in 2001, the Pareti e Soffitti company becomes Eurosistemi Italia, starting with the realization of several Industrial Patents, the production of its entire range of plasterboard systems.
In 2005 Eurosistemi Italia created the GEP division to satisfy crazy ideas. In GEP the extremely difficult projects are analyzed, and thanks to our team we always find optimal and feasible solutions.
Eurosistemi Italia has always been recognized by all our customers / collaborators for reliability and reliability in the constant respect of the commitments made and has always been Leader in the market on products made of plasterboard for dry construction systems and ready to use.
All our products are available in various shapes and sizes, reversible and two-sided, adaptable to any finishing need, characterized by an excellent mechanical resistance, easy assembly that guarantees a perfect aesthetic result. We always try to simplify and speed up all application operations, saving a lot of time.


We are a technical and organized structure able to support technical studies, designers, contractors and applicators, responding to specific construction needs with targeted solutions.

Our experiences and professionalism acquired over the years, have allowed us to collaborate with important national and international companies in the sector ....

We work daily plasterboard, wood, cement, Plexiglass, steel, iron etc. with special processing of absolute precision, studying and manufacturing products with technical-decorative solutions, perforations, bends or incisions.

All made with the best technology on the market, using:

- Computerized numerical control machines ....

- LASER CUTTING for designs and special custom shapes ....

- ROLLER SHAPING MACHINES for working sheet metal structures for plasterboard ... ..

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