Fibre-cement sheets for interior and exterior linings and much more.


DURABOARD® is a cement sheet reinforced with fibres of 1200x2000 mm, 12.5 mm thick. DURABOARD® sheet surfaces are smoothed and finished and the edges are perfectly square. The homogeneous mixture throughout the thickness of the panel makes the DURABOARD® sheet extremely rigid and resistant and retains these properties even when subjected to incisions up to 40% of its thickness. Its compact size allows precision cuts, without crumbling. DURABOARD® is a sheet with excellent mechanical resistance, particularly suitable for: <br>
- walls or facades with high thermal and mechanical stress.<br>
- walls or linings with high shock resistance: schools, hospitals, gyms, industrial buildings. <br>
- radiator covers, ventilation grilles, pilasters, decorative elements with engraved designs, shaped inserts for facades of any shape and size.<br>
- architectural details and motifs.<br>
- dry and floating floors.

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